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What Does Your Ideal Future Look Like?

Does your retirement plan consider if you live too long or take into account if taxes rise? Are you looking for professionals that not only assist but educate in financial and tax efficiencies?
Blue Ocean Prosperity Group is a group of professionals that specialize in tax mitigation and the incorporation of tax and banking techniques into financial planning. Through our strategies, we help our individual and business clients to maximize cash flow and profitability.

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Our Wealth Strategies

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We help our clients utilize arbitrage and to develop strategies to increase their net worth to accumulate more wealth.

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Tax Mitigation

At the same time, we utilize our knowledge of the tax code to minimize our clients tax liability. Minimizing taxes increases cash flow and increases wealth accumulation.

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Employing both of these strategies allows us to help our clients portfolio grow and retire comfortably while leaving a legacy for their children, grandchildren or favorite charity.

Plan Today. Prosper Tomorrow.

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At Blue Ocean, we give individuals, families, and business owners the knowledge and empowerment to reach their maximum financial potential through education on the tax code, tax-efficient wealth building strategies, and personal asset protection strategies, in order to achieve generational wealth and financial peace of mind.

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Our Services

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Financial Empowerment - Education & Planning

By understanding vehicles available under the IRS tax code and the tax implications of tax advantaged vehicles, we help implement strategies that will keep more money in your household without gambling on the tax rate.

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Foundation Protection & Risk Management

Business owners know all too well that they have to protect their investment. There are many vehicles available to businesses as well as individuals and families that can help protect their business, families and future. We delve into the options for each, including succession planning.

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The legal world can be quite overwhelming and confusing - especially when it comes to finances and protecting your assets. We assist and educate our clients on a number of topics including power of attorney, will and testaments, trusts, ladybird deeds, and more.

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Real Estate

Professionals that can answer your questions on residential and commercial real estate assets.

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Long Term Care & Assisted Living

There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding health insurance and what you're actually covered for. We clear up myths like this one, ensure our clients understand their coverage, and have a clear plan for the future.

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Achieve Peace Of Mind

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We work with our clients to educate and empower them with a lifelong framework for making the most efficient and effective financial decisions. Our goal is to assist clients in taking advantage of tax code and arbitrage opportunities, to keep their financial assets working for them. In short, we help our clients build wealth and minimize taxes. Our group includes financial consultants, business consultant attorneys, CPAs, real estate professionals, and other professionals who are ready to assist.

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Our Client Testimonials

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Kevia C.

"Michelle has been my husband and I's financial advisor for several years and has been nothing short of a blessing to our family. She is incredibly knowledgeable and never fails to assist us in any of our current and future endeavors. She willingly takes each opportunity to enlighten us and always goes above and beyond to ensure our family's well being. Michelle is reliant and trustworthy and has been an amazing addition to our family. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone in need of a financial advisor."

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Lesley F.

"Blue Ocean Prosperity has been a blessing in helping my family move forward financially. Thank you for all you do! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have financial freedom."

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Tiffany L.

"Michelle is so great! She has helped me in so many ways financially and emotionally. She has been so patient and kind. Her knowledge is absolutely impeccable and she helps you out in every way possible. She truly embodies "what does the customer want". She looks at all your needs and focus on what you want in life and what you want achieve. She will even say "let's think about this and talk about it later". If you work with her I promise your future will be all set and you will feel worry free."

Meet Our Team

Matthew J. Howell Bob Thompson Financial Consultant
Willie Hayes Willie Hayes Financial Consultant
Michele Robinson Michele Robinson, J.D. CEO & Founder
Bradley Wilson Bradley Wilson Financial Consultant
Kimberly Bailey Kimberly Bailey Financial Consultant